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Monica Foster

  • Educators
  • Health Care Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Military

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For several years, My team and I have been providing extraordinary savings and service to our local hero Sellers and Buyers.  I cannot think of a better way to give back to the men and women in my community who give so much of themselves each and every day protecting our freedoms, saving lives, and ensuring our children’s future.


What is Clear Lake Heroes?

Clear Lake Heroes was formally introduced in 2014 after years of providing informal discounts and rebates to Military, First Responders and Teachers when they buy or sell a home.  It has since been expanded to Heath Care Professionals, 911 Operators and other Civilian Police/Fire employees, and all Educational Support Staff.   These savings include, but are not limited to, reduced realtor commissions for sellers, and realtor rebates and/or discounted lender fees for buyers.
Homes for Heroes Discounts

There are no extra applications, forms or paperwork that need to be filled out. To sign up to receive these benefits, fill out my Clear Lake Heroes registration form and I will contact you by phone within a very short period of time to get the process started. Again, there are:

  • No extra forms
  • No red tape
  • No fine print
  • No hidden fees
  • No catch

This is the Clear Lake Heroes Promise!!

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Hero Testimonial

On one last note, here is just one of many testimonials from my satisfied Heroes:

“Monica Foster . . . This name, this person; I will never forget. She went beyond the call of duty. We bought our house and loved it; planned to really make this house a home. Then life happened, as it does. My husband was called back to active duty service in the army. We had to move. We needed to sell.

I called RE/MAX and we listed our house for sale with an agent who ended up leaving the company in December. I was sure we would lose the house. Then RE/MAX reassigned our listing to Monica. We had a mortgage AND rent to pay plus student loans and car notes. My husband’s pay was wrong. There was not enough money for the bills. My husband was in Iraq, fighting for his country and trying to get the pay fixed on the homefront. Money was extremely short. Monica convinced the mortgage company to give us a short sale.

She advertised our home, kept watch over it, personally fixed the fence when it had blown down twice. She spent hours and hours on the phone with clients, agents, the mortgage company, and the title company. Two contracts had fallen through because the buyer’s grew impatient with my mortgage company. Each time she would encourage me, and somehow convinced the mortgage company to give us more time. The entire process took 11 months, 7 of which were with Monica. Because Monica is a team player and went beyond the call of duty, we sold our home! She made the ends meet; saw it through closing. She stuck by us when the road was dirty, muddy, rocky, and rough. She conquered the mountain and SOLD our house. Monica did not have to do all this, but she did.

I would be proud to call her a soldier. She fought when many would not. She made time for us in her extremely busy schedule. She did not make much when our house sold, but that did not change her work ethic. She is priceless. It is an honor to say Monica Foster sold my home! There are many ways to be a hero. Some fight for our freedom, some serve to save lives, and some rescue those whom life tramples on. Monica Foster is a hero. I am proud to say that if she would put heart and soul into selling our home; I know she will do the same for you!” – Sarah Abell

If you are a Hero in the Houston Bay Area, including League City, Dickinson, Clear Lake City, Webster, Pasadena, Deer Park, Baytown, Pearland, Seabrook, Kemah, Sante Fe, Alvin, Hitchcock and Texas City, Don’t Hesitate to Sign Up!