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Want to Sell Your Home Quickly?

Avoid the hassle of showings and close quick with a home offer

Thinking of avoiding the hassle of selling your home?  Want to move quickly? Don’t sell to companies such as OpenDoor and OfferPad let us make an offer for your home!   These companies have many ambiguous and/or misleading “fees” such as “experience fee”, “market-risk fee” or “after-market fee”.  These are all forms of commission adding up to typically 7-12%.  They will also will give you a LOW offer sometimes worded as an “appraisal” which it most definitely is not.  The offers and “net amount to you” sheets can be very confusing including repair “credits” which are fees you pay to them, hence not a credit to you.    Should your home meet our criteria our partners will offer a better price (subject to repairs) and a much lower fee (because our overhead is much lower) and close in a couple weeks.  Don’t have your equity stolen and fill out our value form today!

If you are also interested in what value you could get for selling your home traditionally with my team  I can also provide you a market analysis for you to use as a comparison and give you the maximum amount of choices.

Please fill out the form below to allow my partners to provide an initial offer. PLEASE FILL OUT ALL REQUIRED FIELDS.