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There is an ever-growing gap between the average real estate agent and the top real estate professionals.  Lack of marketing and education are the primary drivers as a plethora of inexperienced agents flood the market.  This is ever more apparent in the luxury home market which demands even greater marketing, education, and negotiation skills.  At this level only the best real estate agent will do.

Here at the Monica Foster Team, one of the top teams in the area, we not only do our normal property marketing including professional photos, 3-D 24/7 Virtual Open Housesaerial photos, and virtual staging but additional luxury avenues including luxury sites, luxury magazines, facebook, and in some cases the international MLS. In addition, we pride ourselves on concierge-level service for our luxury sellers.  Whether your luxury home is in League City, Kemah, Seabrook, Friendswood, or in the greater Clear Lake area, you want the Monica Foster Team on your side.  Check out our LUXURY CERTIFICATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, and MARKETING that go beyond our already exceptional normal real estate services below.

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

ILHSAgents who have earned the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation have earned this special recognition as a result of special training, verified buying and selling performance, and competence over and above the average Realtor. For example, they can check an affluent buyer prospects financial credibility in seconds using data from the country’s largest aggregator of information about the wealthy. They understand how to use price band statistics (not market averages) to help you negotiate the best deal. They under- stand lifestyle marketing and the concept of targeting “most likely buyers” for your home.

In short, the choice of a CLHMS professional starts the smart decision making you will do for your next buying or selling transaction.

Just as working with a top notch investment advisor, a savvy tax planner, or a renowned medical specialist can make a difference in your results, choosing a luxury home expert offers tremendous benefits.

Experienced sellers of high end residential properties in the League City, Kemah, Seabrook, Friendswood, and Clear Lake areas seek real estate professionals with:

  • Skills that come from special training
  • Documented performance at the top of the market
  • The desire to offer concierge level service
  • An understanding of the lifestyles of the affluent consumer
  • The tools necessary to accomplish your transaction goals
  • Access to a network of other top luxury professionals

Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

ILHSTHE INSTITUTE FOR LUXURY HOME MARKETING® is comprised of real estate professionals who have completed special training in understanding and meeting the needs of the very successful. Unlike other groups of luxury agents, members of The Institute are not limited to those of one real estate company or brand, nor can an agent simply pay his or her money and join. The Institute is committed to providing the training and tools necessary to help its members deliver outstanding service to the sellers of luxury homes in the League City, Kemah, Seabrook, Friendswood, and greater Clear Lake areas.

Here are a few of the ways you’ll benefit from working with me, a member of the Institute, as a seller:

Special competencies equal the right results for you.

Marketing a luxury property demands competencies over and above those of the typical real estate agent. Thanks to the special training I’ve received, you can count on me to have the skills necessary to help you accomplish your real estate goals.

No cookie-cutter marketing for your unique property.

Thanks to training, I understand how to develop and implement a customized lifestyle marketing plan for your luxury residence.  This also includes marketing above and beyond what traditional realtors perform including the high-end and boutique magazines and web sites mentioned below.  The international MLS is also used to tap into the international market for luxury foreign buyers.  If you are interviewing multiple agents ask them what additional sites and magazines they advertise in.

You’ll tap into an international network.

The Institute’s network of luxury real estate experts reaches around the globe. This means there are thousands of luxury agents — located across North America and around the world — with whom I can network. You’ll benefit from these valuable contacts.

24/7 Virtual Open Houses

Buyers Guide Themselves Through Your Luxury Home

In today’s luxury marketplace, professional photos are not enough to entice sophisticated buyers.  Static photos only tell part of the story of your home, from the perspective of the photographer.  Buyers need to experience your home and be able to “see” themselves in it. They need to visualize the lifestyle that your luxury home conveys.

What Better Way To Experience Your Home than a 3-D Self-Guided Tour that acts like an Open House 24/7?

A 3-D self-guided tour acts like an Open House that buyers can view 24/7!  Buyers can walk around to view the home or jump to a location on the screen or from the interactive floorplan that shows the direction the camera was facing when the shot was taken.  See the short video below for an example.  Only the Monica Foster Team can bring this to your home!

DuPont Registry

World's Premier Luxury Marketplace

DuPontThe DuPont Registry is the World’s Premier Luxury Marketplace for more than 16 years where luxury buyers can find the perfect home to meet their exclusive needs.  As a member of the DuPont registry I can guarantee your home will reach an international audience of over 600,000 affluent buyers  each month between the print and digital editions of the registry including the web site.  This includes a featured spot on the front page of the web site and the DuPont Registry fan page.

Your home will be seen in or will have exposure to:

  • 14,000 upscale newsstands, bookstores and international airports,
  • luxury auto and yacht shows
  • professional athletes,
  • celebrities,
  • fortune 500/Forbes 400 CEOs
  • private jet facilities
  • luxury resorts
  • affluent subscribers
  • first and business class passengers of Air France, KLM/Air Lingus, Emirates, Alitalia, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines, Atlantic, SAS Scandinavian, British Airways The Lounge

Luxury Syndication

eXp LuxuryBecause we are members of the eXp Luxury Division your home will be syndicated to luxury home outlets across the country and the world. These outlets include, but are not limited to:


FacebookWhile Facebook may not be the first thing one thinks of when selling a luxury home it does have a wide audience.

Facebook users may or may not be looking to buy a home but ads for your home can be targeted to more affluent buyers in specific areas. A captured video of walking through the 3-D self-guided tour of your home auto-plays in their Facebook feed and captures their attention. Even if they are not in the market to buy they may know someone who is and they often share the ad to those individuals.

With luxury homes, it is all about awareness of your home and its unique features.