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Thinking of Selling to an Institutional Buyer?

When comparing offers you need REAL Advice on the REAL Fees, REAL Value and REAL Net Price!

If you are thinking of selling your home to a company (i.e. institutional buyer either directly, or through us) let us help you analyze the offers!  Many of these companies have many ambiguous and/or misleading “fees” such as “experience fee”, “market-risk fee” or “after-market fee”.  These are all forms of commission adding up to typically 7-12% or more.  They will also will give you a LOW offer (sometimes worded as an “appraisal” which it most definitely is not) or offer a high price and then reduce it significantly for repairs (sometimes called repair “credits” which are fees you pay to them, hence not a credit to you).

The offers and “net amount to you” sheets can be very confusing.  However, taking one of the company offers may still be the best choice for you and your situation.  Listing a home traditionally can incur additional mortgage payments, taxes and interest depending on the days on market which does not apply to a company. Thus, you need not only the advice of a real estate professional such as myself, but also a real home value to compare against so you can compare apples-to-apples and decide what is best for you.  I provide this service for FREE. It is important to keep as much of your equity as possible!

As part of my analysis I will also discuss what you can expect selling your home traditionally. If you think you know what your home is worth you might be surprised.  No matter how attractive and polished your house is, your home value  is what buyers will be willing to pay based on comparing its price with everything else on the market. Your best guide is not an online calculator (auto valuation model such as a Zestimate) like the companies use but rather a record of what the buying public has been willing to pay in the past few months for property like yours in your neighborhood. The only way to get an accurate assessment of your home is to have a licensed professional evaluate the condition of your home and analyze its potential against the competition. By filling out the form below I can provide you with data on sale figures for the “comparables” to your home and their days on market, and then analyze them for a suggested listing price.  I can also adjust the price based on additional criteria such as condition and age of your home. The list of comparable sales I bring to you, along with data about other houses in your neighborhood presently on the market, is used to create a “Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).” To help in estimating a possible sale price for your house, the analysis will also include data on nearby houses that failed to sell in the past few months, along with their list prices. With this in hand and my assistance you can compare what you will “net” with each offer versus selling traditionally.

If you don’t already have home offers or are interested in more I can also provide you additional cash offers from my offer partners (through our local relationships and eXpress Offers) to give you the maximum amount of choices.

Please fill out the form below to allow me to advise you and compare offers. PLEASE FILL OUT ALL REQUIRED FIELDS.

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  • In addition to helping you consult on offers we can also present additional offers from our partners to give you maximum amount of choices.