Short Sale of Your Home


Why Use Monica For Your Short Sale?

As a former Real Estate or Bank Owned (REO) property Listing agent, I know how the banks operate and have experience dealing with banks and their loss mitigitation departments.  As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and having a Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR) certification, I am uniquely qualified to help you sell your home as a short sale.

I can help you with every step along the short sale process so if you want the best chance of saving your home from foreclosure please Contact Me.

Specifically, as a seller, I can help you:

  • communicate with the lender’s loss mitigation department,
  • negotiate with and between primary and secondary lenders,
  • file all appropriate paperwork with the lender(s),
  • obtain short sale approval,
  • submit offers to lender(s),
  • set buyer expectations concerning short sale timeline,
  • explain the process to you,
  • and more.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate short sale situation, let me help you with all your Short Sale needs.  My skills will ensure the best chance of a successful transaction for all parties.


Seller Testimonial

“We’ve tried to sell our home for nearly 3 years. At first we used a different realtor to do a short sale on the home. Unfortunately for us, he was not experienced in short sales. The difference in knowledge and experience is amazing. I’m sure had we used her the first time around, it wouldn’t have taken us almost three years to get this home sold. If you are a seller looking to get someone on your side who will do an excellent job, Monica is your best bet.”

Aaron & Christine Tavernier

Monica M. Foster, CDPE, SFR