Market Snapshot

What is a Market Snapshot?

Market Conditions for Sellers

A Market Snapshot shows you market trends in the Clear Lake Area of your choice. It charts live market activity including data such as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts and days-on-market. For Sellers, this can help you know what to expect and give you an idea of  where your home should be priced to sell.  It will also provide this information on a regular basis so you can decide if any adjustments are needed.  However, it is not a replacement for a full Comparative Market Analysis which you can get FREE by filling out my  VALUE MY PROPERTY Form.

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Below are sample Market Snapshot pages:


The data displayed within the snapshot is up-to-date with the area MLS. The map offers road and aerial views. The data shows homes that are similar to yours with regard to size, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.


You can also get information on the asking prices vs. the sold prices around your home over the last 3 months.


To better your price with your neighbors you can see current for sale homes vs. sold prices as well.



As an added bonus you will be notified when a new home is listed or sold in your snapshot area or when a price change occurs on an existing home.

Price Change New Listing

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